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oMoO Debut Album is on ITUNES on CD Baby or on BandCamp

12 O'Clock Track: Alluring intimacy from Emilie Weibel's Omoo - Chicago Reader


"Quirky, Trippy, Ethereal Vocal Adventures with Singer Emilie Weibel’s oMoO" - New York Music Daily

"Weibel' first record demonstrates that she is an adventurous and innovative musician. This, hopefully, is the first volume in a unique body of work that is to come from this immensely talented and sophisticated artist."
- All About Jazz

"It is rare and refreshing to hear a debut CD by an artist with such a clear musical identity." Jazz History Online

"The voices, the delicate melodies, the incidental sounds, the richness of the aural soundtrack and the honesty of the creator's intent all stand out. " - Step Tempest

"Album sidérant et plein de charme" Alex Dutilh
on Open Jazz, France Musique Radio

Singing in solo voice for this crazy event!! On Friday Night! Starts at 8pm, New York, Lovecraft

Singing in this very intriguing project for new instruments. Nov 16th in Littlefield, Brooklyn.

European tour was beautiful!! Back to Brooklyn.

Come on Wednesday June 11th to Rockwood!!!

CD Release Show is May 22nd in New York. More info here

wooooo OFFICIAL CD Release Date!! May 17th. oMoO will be in the big cloud. Ready to be shared and loved!!
CD release show is May22nd in double bill with the amazing international stars! Sara Serpa and Andre Matos. They release their last album "Primavera." At the Greenwich House.

wooooooo oMoO's Debut Album just arrived from the factory!! It is almost OUT and will be released with Greg Osby's great music label and collective Inner Circle Music!!! Date to be announced soon!! A huge thank you to all of you who supported me in this musical voyage. It is just starting and soon to be yours!!

L'Heure Exquise-New Video

oooo oMoO singing with The Future Scares Me, next Monday, 8pm at Pete's Candy Store, in willyburg! Love.

Singing with Daví and Go Organic Ensemble for the Wangechi Mutu Celebration at the Brooklyn Museum. In this live music, video, dance, and theater piece, Daví takes us on an Afrofuturistic journey, bumping into the likes of Sun Ra, Parliament-Funkadelic, and Grace Jones along the way.

Powwaw night! oMoO's beat making! Space Flower! February 28th


Woooo!! oMoO's Debut Album almost done. In the studio with Genius Dave Darlington holding his MPC 3000 and some space echo!! So excited. Can't wait to share the music with you!


oMoO is featured in Koji Fukada's new movie "Au Revoir L'Ete." Winner of the Golden Montgolfiere at the recent Festival of the Three Continents and starring Fumi Nikaido, Hotori No Sakuko, Kanji Futurachi.

Official Trailer


oMoO Records Her Debut Album!! Be A Part of It!!

Click Here

Wooo oMoO at the Sound It Out Series in the Greenwich Music House. Good Time!!

Yeaaah! Come over! oMoO singing! Starts at 8pm
On September 28th composers collective West 4th New Music will present their third annual End of Summer Festival, which features a wide array of experimental music performed in a casual atmosphere at Exapno New Music Center.


oMoO singing in Zurich!! Come over!

Diesen Mittwoch zeigt das Openairkino WG 77 Kraftwerk "A Streetcar Named Desire"

Wir beginnen um 21 Uhr mit dem Konzert von oMoO und um 22 Uhr fängt der Film an. Ab 20 Uhr läuft der Grill. Bring your own booze and bbq. Eintritt frei, Kollekte.
Nehmt doch einen Pullover und die Gfröörlis vielleicht eine Wolldecke mit.
Wir freuen uns, freundliche Grüsse,
das Kuratorium Laurence, Mirjam, Nicolas und Herbert
Hardturmstrasse 269, das grosse Backsteingebäude hinter der Brasserie Bernoulli. Tramhaltestelle Bernoulli-Häuser (Linie 17). Nimm den Lift Nr. 4 in den 8. Stock.

Nice interview for the MMNY Festival happening June 21st at Bowery Houston Mural

Beautiful show at Cornelia Street Cafe last night!
Thanks for all the people who made it!
oMoO had a good one!

oMoO made it Best Ten Concert of the Week in the Village Voice!!
With Mika and Fleetwood Mac! Pretty cool.

Yeaah! Nice new review about oMoO by Brad Cohan in The Village Voice

"Along with the glorious virtuoso jazz vocalist Fay Victor,
Swiss miss Brooklynite Emilie Weibel is one of the
shining lights leading Brooklyn's contingent of
heavenly voices. While Victor is a bluesy queen of
jaw-dropping improvisation, Weibel is the subtle
songbird with an equally mesmerizing presence and
a DIY ethos. In her Omoo guise, Weibel—with an
assortment of entrancing lo-fi electronics, loop
devices, a cheap music box and voice effects
—creates minimalist vocal magic, occasionally with a
honeyed backdrop of Stereolab-like la-la's but
always with an aesthetic all her own that is downright
otherworldly. It's no wonder NY sax titan Darius
Jones enlisted both Weibel and Victor for his vocal
troupe." — By Brad Cohan

Yeah! oMoO will be singing April 10th at Cornelia Street Cafe followed by Captain of Dark Mornings. Show Your Love!


Omoo is being featured in La Montaña Rusa Radio Jazz.
Thank you Santiago Molina for your nice words.
You can listen to the full showcase here:
La Montaña Rusa Radio Jazz

Nice review about Omoo in Federico Antin's
super cool music blog euskir's txoko.
Check his blog out: euskir's txoko

January was full of cool events happening.
The show with Darius Jones Trio "Big Gurl" at Ibeam
was a big step in the development of my solo voice project Omoo.
So much encouragment and love.
Thank you Darius Jones for being such a cleaver,
sensitive and beautiful human being.
Believe in angels!
I also had the chance to be part of the Voice Box Festival
curated by the amazing Sara Serpa
January 21st at Cornelia Street Cafe.
First time Omoo was singing for a packed house!
Nice pic and photo montage by Sara Serpa
and Dave Miss.
More news coming soon.

"Emilie Weibel brought me to tears" - Dave Miss

Photo montage by Sara Serpa

Dear you! Last night was a blast of fresh air for the Testify performance of Darius Jones "Mæ'bul" Quartet at the Greenwich House. Darius and his band brought the audiance to another, beautiful world. Also Loved the Testify part where Julia Ulhela and Fay Victor sang their song. I also had the immense chance to sing with the music box. Testify! Thank you Darius Jones!

Come to Ibeam January 10th, 2013 for Darius Trio and my solo voice project Omoo!

January 21 @ Cornelia Street Cafe!! Very excited to be part of this mini festival curated by Sara Serpa and featuring some of my favorite vocalists in town! From Jan 20th to Jan 22nd feauturing Sofia Rei Duo, Sara Serpa 5tet, Slipp & Dov Manski, Pavolka & House of Illusion and Fey Victor's "Herbie Nichols Sung."


Debut album coming soon! DIY!

Other Projects

"Arawaks" available on itunes from Scott Tixier's debut album "Brooklyn Bazaar"